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Very sexy. What kind of kink floated her boat? Time to find out. Jade Blackstone sat comfortably at the center of the group, then she began to share her story with us. I've heard some pretty sick and dirty stuff over the years but this one just about takes the cake, folks. Don't say I didn't warn you. Jade Blackstone told us about her girlfriend, a pretty gal named Rhonda. According to Jade, Rhonda was a pretty-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed Lithuanian redhead who stole her breath away at a club. They went home that night and a sexy lesbian romp followed. Jade described ...
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Sat at the kitchen table, looking at the gold band on her small finger. It seemed she spent every Sunday in the kitchen while her husband and his firefighter buddy watched games. Married to her high school sweetheart, it appeared she had the dream life. A nice house, a successful firefighter husband. But sadly, no sexy women. Her home had become a prison and lately she had thought about what the life had to offer. "Amber, are you alright?" A strong voice asked. Looking up, she saw Brad. His 6'4" frame so strong. "Yeah, I am fine" Amber faked a smile "Where did Ron go?" "Oh, he went to the store to get more ...
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Her slip the oversized plug into her bowels. With two minutes left she knew she could not hold out without doing more. The pain and pleasure were now intermingled; they represented the same thing, sexual excitement. Becky held the largest and strongest clip that Master and I had in our Dungeon. She reached between her legs and spread the lips wide. She grasped the smaller clip already attached to her nub and pulled it quickly from it's place and immediately snapped the stronger one in place. She screamed ...